[nsd-users] reloading NSD zone configuration

Ralf Weber nsd-users at fl1ger.de
Tue Apr 28 08:52:43 UTC 2009


On 28.04.2009, at 10:34, Jelte Jansen wrote:
> We are looking into it (if only because the question comes up about  
> once a week now), but my personal guess is that a full reload would  
> not gain that much if not implemented really really well, so we want  
> to take a good look at what could actually be gained and how before  
> doing anything.
I think the main requirement here is to add and remove zones on the  
fly without restarting, something that is possible with other servers.  
I think for people who are doing a lot of end customer DNS hosting and  
usually have thousands or millions of small zones this is a must have  
before they even can consider NSD. If you have say e.g 3600 zone  
additions per day that is one hour downtime even if it just takes one  
second per restart/reload.

So long
Ralf Weber
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