[nsd-users] reloading NSD zone configuration

Antti Ristimäki aristima at csc.fi
Tue Apr 28 05:40:06 UTC 2009


We are also concerned about the length of the service break when adding 
new zones to the configuration file. When a new slave zone/new slave zones 
is/are added to the configuration file and the NSD is restarted, how long should 
it take until NSD continues to serve the previously added zones that 
already exist in the database? That is, is NSD able to continue to serve the
previously added zones even if the zone transfers for the new zones have 
not been completed?

In our case, the total amount of zones is a couple of thousands, which is 
why we'd like to avoid unnecessary restarts and service breaks of NSD. To 
be able to reload the NSD configuration file without restarting NSD would 
be a very nice feature for us, too. I know this topic has been 
discussed quite a lot...


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