[nsd-users] reloading NSD zone configuration

Erik Romijn erik at erik.io
Wed Apr 22 16:22:30 UTC 2009


I've been looking into how I can let NSD pick up changes in it's config
file (zone additions, changes and removals).

Unless I am mistaken somewhere, NSD will only pick this up after a full
restart, which can take up to several seconds on my system with, so far,
a very small amount of zones (<10).

I would like to change the zone configuration of NSD up to every minute,
so I'm a bit worried about the outage window of an NSD restart
(potentially) every minute. Especially if the amount of zones would
become higher.

As far as I've been able to measure my actual window of unresponsiveness
is quite short, but I'm having doubts about my measurement method.

My questions:
(a) Is there a better way to change zone configuration
    while NSD is running?
(b) Am I right in assuming that, if I have a large number of zones,
    the restarts will start taking proportionally longer?
(c) Is there anyone that has tried to do something similar before,
    and found a way to avoid this problem?

Erik Romijn

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