[nsd-users] Suggestions for NSD

K Storbeck kai at xs4all.net
Tue Sep 9 09:00:31 UTC 2008

On 9 Sep , 2008, at 12:39 AM, Teran McKinney wrote:

> The other suggestion I have for NSD is an outgoing-interfaces option,
> like in Unbound. If you add aditional IP addresses to the server, you
> cannot configure which IP requests go out of for AXFR requests. The
> slave servers would probably be configured to only allow notifications
> for zone transfer requests from the master server's address, but as
> soon as the master server adds another address and it becomes a
> prefered route, the notifications are denied as they go out of the
> foriegn IP.

Hi Teran,

This has been requested before, but sadly hasn't gotten any attention  

My organisation would benefit alot from this option, so I'm quite glad  
others would like that option too.


Kai Storbeck
XS4ALL Internet

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