[nsd-users] nsd does not fallback to axfr when ixfr doesn't work

Ralf Weber nsd-users at fl1ger.de
Wed Aug 27 14:29:38 UTC 2008


I've tested this on Linux with NSD 3.1.1. In that setup NSD is acting  
as a slave to an ANS server. And normally IXFR works fine, but in  
cases where ANS doesn't want to do an IXFR (e.g after a zone resign)  
it answers with an SERVFAIL. I am not sure what the RFC says, but I  
would expect NSD to fall back to axfr, but it does not do this and you  
have to remove the file to start an axfr manually.

Can you please fix this, as otherwise NSD requires constant monitoring.

TIA and so long
Ralf Weber
e: nsd-users at fl1ger.de

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