[nsd-users] nsd3 as seconday, and the zonefile

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Nov 7 18:11:16 UTC 2007

I noticed that nsd (at least 3.0.6) when configured as secondary, no
longer stores the zonefiles in "plaintext". I assume all the data is
only stored in the nsd.db file.

However, the config for a zone still requires the zonefile: to be
present or else nsd fails with:

/etc/nsd/nsd.zones:10: error: previous zone has no zonefile

I personally would like to see nsd save the zone files in plaintext
even when used as a secondary. It makes it easier to verify things
for the DNS admin. But if that is not going to be implemented, then
it should not insist on a zonefile keyword in a seconday zone.


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