Irenäus Becker becker at
Wed Jun 13 16:26:00 UTC 2007


we encountered a problem with registry for tld .at and their 
transaction "BillWithDraw". This transaction allows an registrar to 
delegate authority back to registry.
For a successful use of this transaction all nameserver-entries for the 
zone will be deleted by our application before nic-order will be sent to now checks all nameserver for existing entries for affected zone. 
If all nameservers return a NXDOMAIN (Bind) everything is fine.
Our NSD nameservers return the status SERVFAIL. interprets this 
return-code as an error and does not finish this transaction completely.

Is it possible to return a NXDOMAIN instead of a SERVFAIL? Are there 
different  possibilities how this point can be resolved? will not change their behaviour before Q4!

Best regards,
Irenäus Becker

         Irenäus Becker * Team Leader Customer Care

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   Servatiusweg 19-23, 53332 Bornheim, phone +49 2222 990-0
     Geschäftsführer: Thomas Reiners, Sven-Holger Wabnitz


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