nsd.conf include needs full path

Ólafur Osvaldsson oli at isnic.is
Tue Jan 16 11:04:13 UTC 2007

When I use "include:" in nsd.conf it seems to need a full path.

I have the following line in my nsd.conf:

include: "nsd-slave.conf"

And when I do "nsd-checkconf /usr/local/etc/nsd/nsd.conf" or
any nsdc command it fails with an error:

/usr/local/etc/nsd/nsd.conf:64: error: cannot open include file 'nsd- 
slave.conf': No such file or directory

Unless I run the command in the config directory, then the config
is marked as "valid" while it realy isn't.

Could it not use the zonesdir as default path?


Olafur Osvaldsson
Systems Administrator
Internet a Islandi hf.
Email: oli at isnic.is
Tel:   +354 525-5291

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