NSD 3.0.0 - Slave Zone "nsdc patch" issue

Alex WC Lee alexeen at noservice.net
Wed Sep 6 04:41:16 UTC 2006


I'm not sure if it's the way the zone files are written on the master
server or if something is wrong when the zones files gets written by the
"nsdc patch" command or if it's the way nsd parses the zone files.

Whenever my slaves servers issues the nsdc patch command, it tries to
save it to corresponding zone files. After that when we try to
rebuild/reparse those zone files, it gives the following error,
complaining as many times as I have any lines above the SOA entry:

error: RR before SOA skipped

Then i went into the zone files and looked at the way it's been written,
and it seems that if i move the SOA entry to the top before all the NS,
MX and TXT entries, then the problem goes away. However, that's just a
manual workaround, and it would be nice if I the "nsdc patch" command
would write something that nsdc accepts.

Just wondering if anyone experiences similar issues.


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