NSD 2.3.6 release

dr. W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Oct 11 13:22:19 UTC 2006


The fixes we have been making to 3.0.x after testing and deployment have 
been backported to the 2.3.x branch. Thus the 2.3.6 release.

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|Most important to stress here is to note that the network behaviour is 
different: NSD sets the flags more cleanly. When there is a format error 
(total garbage on input or unknown opcodes, ...), NSD will now clear 
flags it did not clear before. Also it clears the TC flag (please don't 
send this garbage to the tcp port next). On authoritative answers, NSD 
now clears the CD bit according to RFC 4034/4035. This has a side effect 
of making NSD wire packets closer to answers from Bind9.

The parallel axfr makefile patch from Stephane is in contrib. It allows 
you to perform zone transfers in parallel with NSD 2.3.x.

Another interesting fix is that when no ip-addresses are specified in 
config, NSD will not fail if IP6 is not present but IP4 is present. The 
lack of IP6 sockets would be a fatal error on startup before. This helps 
package nsd for a variety of machines more easily.

Asked for on this list, the stats resynchronisation to whole periods is 
in this release too.

To repeat, all these bugs are also fixed in 3.0.1 or scheduled for a 
3.0.2 release. This is part of the ongoing support for NSD2 by the NSD team.

And various more fixes for bugs that have been found (but not in new 
functionality of 3.0). Here is the release notes entry.
        - nsd-notify will retry max 15 times 5 second retries.
        - Bug #105: nsdc lacks locking, fixed locking for root user.
        - Bug #134: nsd: make -N <large number> work again
        - Bug #135: Typo in locking code for nsdc, fixed.
        - uninitialised variable (found in nsd3 debugging) fixed.
        - unaligned memory access (on Solaris SPARC, from nsd3 debugging),
          in zonec LOC parsing, fixed.
        - removed unused named8_stats ptr.
        - Bug #138: nsd aborts trying to bind all interfaces if ip6 is not
          enabled, instead it will fallback to ip4.
        - Bug #139: resync stats to whole period.
        - Bug #140: NSD did not clear CD bit on authoritative answers.
        - Bug #141: NSD did not clear flags on a formerror reply.
        - tsig null ptr when size set, fixed.
        - Bug #144: LOC RRtype defaults not according to RFC1876.

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