nsd-notify *from* specified IP?

Wim Biemolt wimbie+nsd at surfnet.nl
Wed Nov 29 23:43:02 UTC 2006

Wouter Wijngaards wrote:

> I see this feature is much wanted. I'll put it on the TODO list, and
> will get around to it for a later release. Right now I am considering
> some sort of 'src: <ipaddress [@port]>' that you can put in a zone. This
> would make zone transfers and notifies for that zone (sent by nsd
> process) come from that interface.
> People also asked for nsd-xfer and nsd-notify to be changed, with
> similar -a flags to bind an interface. But these are marked deprecated
> as the functionality moved to the secondary process inside the server.
> So the nsd-xfer and nsd-notify tools are marked obsolete and will be
> removed from the package in some later release.
> I will not be able to do this right away as I am investigating a more
> pressing bug (bugzilla #147). The zone transfer system was designed to
> handle memory in a way that now turns out to be very impractical. It
> leaks memory about the size of the combined sizes of all zone transfers
> (incoming). The memory is not really leaked, it is released when nsd
> reads a new database file (nsdc patch). The design is simple and safe,
> but in reality some people run into operational problems. You can tell
> you suffer from this problem if the log entries 'memory churn .. bytes
> wasted' show large values. Fixing this is my priority.

Any news on this? I recently found out I also really need this feature.
Currently all notifies originate from the wrong (default) interface :-(


-Wim -/- SURFnet

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