dynamic update nad easier config

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bppiac.hu
Tue Nov 28 11:36:06 UTC 2006

Wouter Wijngaards wrote:
>>> Right now NSD does not send NOTIFY or provide AXFR unless you config it
>>> so. This config may not be what people need, their setup may be
>>> different, TSIG usage etc. And it introduces a lot of featurism and
>> this is a good feature, but IMHO the most common use more then 90% is to
>> send notify to those slaves which has an NS record in it's zone file.
> I do not wish to send NOTIFY to a server that does not expect it. Also I
> am not sure 90% of people have such a setup.

do you think this is not the most common way that there is one primary
master and all other NS are slaves and master send notify to all slaves???

> Yes that could be possible. But it is nasty to get that zone data in
> places. It won't get updated when you update the zone NS records for
> example. It is the road of creeping featurism to put this inside the
> server (and that is explicitly a non-goal for NSD).

it won't updated in this way either! you should have to recompile your
zone and if the compiler do the NS extraction that it can happened at
the same time. or i don't understand your argument. do nsd periodically
read zone files or?

> That said, a script that reads a nsd.conf.extended file with
> notify-provide-xfr-ns: statements and zone files and creates a nsd.conf
> with the notify: and provide-xfr: statements you need is clean; outside
> of the server and can then be used by (the % of) people that need it.
> You would need to run the script before you start nsd. NSD needs to
> restart (stop and start again) to re-read the config, and then you can
> also re-run the script if your zone is updated.

the same is true now you need to recompile zone file too what's the
difference nsd don't have to restart just reload.

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