Reducing select() usage under load

Miek Gieben miek at
Thu May 25 09:55:10 UTC 2006

[On 24 May, @20:12, Aaron Hopkins wrote in "Re: Reducing select() usage un ..."]
> >We've tested the speed improvements in our DISTEL testlab and
> >we did see some gain, but not the amount of improvement you noticed.
> Which OS were you testing on, by chance?  The numbers I mentioned were for
> Linux 2.4, but I've since tested on Linux 2.6 and found the patch offering
> less of an improvement.  The patch will matter more on OSes where select()
> is more expensive.

This is all tested with FreeBSD, but we can just swap the server
system for any OS we like,

> If your lab has several common Unix-ish OSes available, perhaps with
> supported IP checksum offload network cards, be sure to test on several.
> I'm very pleased with NSD's ability to fill 100 megabit interfaces.  At
> least in my application, though, I'm interested in creating nameserver
> clusters that can handle several gigs of traffic.  I realize this isn't
> common.

Ack. I'm personally very interested to see what happens on a gigabit 

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