Reducing select() usage under load

Miek Gieben miek at
Wed May 24 12:48:22 UTC 2006

[On 12 May, @12:41, Aaron Hopkins wrote in "Reducing select() usage under  ..."]
> NSD currently only processes one UDP packet per socket per select().  Since
> select() is kind of expensive, under load this means it burns a lot of CPU
> unnecessarily.


Thanks for your patches. The speed improvements you see are impressive.

We are however rather reluctant to apply the select()-patch to NSD at
this moment:

We've tested the speed improvements in our DISTEL testlab and
we did see some gain, but not the amount of improvement you noticed.

However, it could be this is because we are filling the 100Mb
interfaces. We will therefore upgrade the testlabs hardware to a 1Gb network.
Once we have finalized the measurements we'll produce the result on this list.

If the differences are not very significant we are hesitant to code
around the use of select() because of principles of code simplicity
and portability.

  - Miek    
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