NSD 2.3.4 released

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Tue May 9 08:04:33 UTC 2006

[On 08 May, @10:30, Miek Gieben wrote in "Re: NSD 2.3.4 released ..."]
> > However, the no-ipv6 bug, as described here:
> >   http://open.nlnetlabs.nl/pipermail/nsd-users/2003-July/000044.html
> > has resurfaced. I've added a workaround in the nsd init script to append
> > "-4" if no IPv6 is detected on Linux.
> hmmpf... I agree what is says in the thread on bugzilla, checking for
> ipv6 should be done outside of NSD. Strange though that this pops
> up now...

After some more discussion it turned out that is a more longstanding
issue (nsd 2.3.3 has it too, and probably earlier version also).

It is also gets nasty when trying to fix this in the NSD code, so after some
thought we decided to use the following: (which fedora and debian do):

o check if a system has ipv6 in the startup script
o if ipv6 -> nsd
  if no ipv6 -> nsd -4

Note, this is something for the packagers, there is no code added
to nsdc to do this.


  - Miek

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