NSD 2.3.4 released

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Mon May 8 13:34:38 UTC 2006

[On 08 May, @15:22, Paul Wouters wrote in "Re: NSD 2.3.4 released ..."]
> > Could you elaborate a bit more on that?
> I am seeing this:
> [1147094258] nsd-xfer[4301]: error: answer section is empty


> Starting nsd...


> [1147094265] nsd-notify[4354]: warning: bad reply from, error respons NOT IMPL (4).
> [1147094272] nsd-notify[4367]: warning: bad reply from, error respons NOT AUTHORIZED (9).
> Though I have to correct myself, those first 5 messages happen pretty quickly,
> and then nsd is listening already. Perhaps it is better to change the
> order in the init scripts to run things. Now I do:
>         /usr/sbin/nsdc rebuild >/dev/null
>         /usr/sbin/nsdc update >/dev/null
>         echo -n $"Starting nsd... "
>         nsd $OTHER_NSD_OPTS
> The problem is during rebuild and update, nsd is not running. Perhaps rebuild
> be run before stopping nsd, and update can be run after starting nsd?

[looking at debian's init.d script] 
There is a small check there to see if nsd's zones need recompiling,
but otherwise it just starts NSD.

How about: start NSD, then do the rebuilding/updaing, then restart. The
restart should happen pretty quick.

> I notice a few seconds of downtime, and we only have about 25 zones. I think
> with thousands of zones, the downtime might be considerable.
> > > However, the no-ipv6 bug, as described here:
> > >   http://open.nlnetlabs.nl/pipermail/nsd-users/2003-July/000044.html
> > > has resurfaced. I've added a workaround in the nsd init script to append
> > > "-4" if no IPv6 is detected on Linux.
> >
> > hmmpf... I agree what is says in the thread on bugzilla, checking for
> > ipv6 should be done outside of NSD. Strange though that this pops
> > up now...
> Personally, I think nsd should not NOT start if there is no IPv6 and you
> give it no special parameters. Eg typing "/usr/sbin/nsd" should work if
> there is no IPv6.

Let me find a box here that does't have ipv6 :-) I will look into

  - Miek

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