ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 2.3.4 released

Miek Gieben miekg at
Tue May 2 11:37:49 UTC 2006

NSD 2.3.4 is a bugfix release.

Please see the README document for configuration and installation

You can download NSD from
sha1: c9e3959ab61fecaa78f64fda9d19abd06309015a

        - Unknown type codes for type code numbers > 48 and < 97 work again.
          (this implies --enable-checking can be enabled again)
        - nsd: sighandler() fixes
        - Bug #118: nsd: nsd_notify waits for a response. Will retry the notify
          after a timeout.
        - Bug #124: $(DESTDIR) was added to
        - Bug #128: zonec: parser can handle \\ at the end of a string.
        - zonec: lexer: add \r to the newline delimeter
        - zonec: use strtol with an explicit base 10 as parameter.
          (Scott Rose, Roy Arends)
        - nsd-xfer: print human readable error codes. Change logging to
          be more in line with the rest

Miek Gieben

NLnet Labs

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