NSD 2.3.3 Load Balancing

Ted Lindgreen ted at omval.tednet.nl
Fri Feb 24 10:24:55 UTC 2006

[Quoting "Sebastian", on Feb 24, 10:43, in "NSD 2.3.3 Load Balan ..."]
> Can nsd 2.3.3 make load balancing? 
> Example: 
> www 600 IN A
>          600 IN A
>          600 IN A 

What you want for this is random or sequentional reordering of the
recordset on consecutive queries so that resolvers use the different
IP-numbers to spread the load.  Most (almost all end-user) resolvers
do not do the recursing themselves, but use caching-forwarders.
Stub-resolvers, which use caching-forwarders, will thus never query
an NSD nameserver, as NSD is authoritative-only.

Caching-forwarders may or may not be setup to reorder.

Now, to answer you question more directly:
 NSD does not re-order the recordset, but for load balancing
 this is of little importance, as it is the behaviour of the
 caching-forwarders which does the trick.

-- ted

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