which is the vaild a format?

Ted Lindgreen ted at tednet.nl
Mon Dec 11 10:45:45 UTC 2006

[Quoting Robert Martin-Legene, on Dec 11, 10:50, in "Re: which is the vai ..."]

 <zonefile error>

> I think nsd MUST refuse to load it too.

I do NOT think so, trying to do something clever with incorrect
zonefiles is and always has been an explicit non-requirement.
Please see the REQUIREMENTS file under C.1.

If you want to change/update the REQUIREMENTS, which is basis for the
NSD design and implementation, you can, of course, start a discussion
on that topic.
But then, you can expect me, and probably others also, to argue
that dealing with zone file errors is an zonefile administrator
task, and not a task for the (fast, high performance, thus mean-and-lean)
NSD daemon process. There are off-line zonefile syntaxcheckers to
assist zonefile administrators.

-- ted

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