nsd 3.0.2 complains if no -a and no ip-address:

Koh-ichi Ito kohi at iri.co.jp
Mon Dec 11 04:31:09 UTC 2006


At Mon, 27 Nov 2006 12:11:10 +0900,
Koh-ichi Ito wrote:
> It's on my way of trial on NSD 3.0.2.
> When I invoke nsd without -a option and no 'ip-address:'
> entry on nsd.conf, it complains like
> 	ingram2# /proj/nsd-3.0.2/sbin/nsd -t /proj/nsd3
> 	[1164349528] nsd[69777]: error: cannot parse address '(null)'

Let me just inform you, I tried this case with NSD
3.0.3. Though it brings the following warning, it seems to
work fine.

ingram2# /proj/nsd-3.0.3/sbin/nsd -t /proj/nsd3
[1165811294] nsd[18479]: warning: No IPv6, fallback to IPv4. getaddrinfo: hostname nor servname provided, or not known


						Koh-ichi Ito
				Internet Research Institute, Inc.

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