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Thu Dec 7 13:34:28 UTC 2006

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Hi Farkas,

Farkas Levente wrote:
> hi,
> while all files is owned by nsd user and nsd run as nsd the nsd.db is
> still owned by root user (because the compiler run as root and create
> this file as root, ok i know just it'd be better if this file is owned
> by nsd too).

As long as the nsd user is allowed to read the nsd.db it is fine.

> another strange thing is that on the slave nsd i've got such messages:
> -----------------------------------------
> zonec: reading zone "lfarkas.org".
> warning: slave zone lfarkas.org with no zonefile 'lfarkas.org'(No such
> file or directory) will force zone transfer.

This is because your zonefile does not exist. And because it is a slave
zone, NSD will start without content, and do a zone transfer
immediately. The warning is to help operators that have errors in the
names of zone files see why a zone transfer is happening.

> zonec: processed 0 RRs in "lfarkas.org".
> -----------------------------------------
> but the slave file is never written. so i assume the zone date is
> written into nsd.db, but from nsd.conf zonefile: "This attribute must be
> present in each zone." but then why? and anyway why not written the zone

zone transfer data is stored in ixfr.db. When you run nsdc patch
(nsd-patch) to get rid of the ever-growing ixfr.db (in a cron job for
example - see the README), nsd-patch will create the zonefile.

> files after the zone transfer. wouldn't be easier to read from this file
>  next time rather than do a fill transfer all the time?

It will read the zone transfer from disk next time. So it will force one
zone transfer, then store it on disk. Initially it is stored in ixfr.db.
But ixfr.db grows only. To compact your disk space you run nsdc patch.
This writes the information into the zone files, and rebuilds the
database with that information, cleaning out ixfr.db in the process.

Does this answer your questions?

Best regards,

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