Seeking NSD 3.0.0 prerelease testers

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Tue Aug 22 13:39:34 UTC 2006

--On tisdag, tisdag 22 aug 2006 15.22.00 +0200 Wouter Wijngaards
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> Hi,
> Testers are needed for NSD 3.0.0 before it is released. A couple of
> volunteers are needed to test the new NSD version on strange hardware
> for portability and do the install script in the next week. Please reply
> to me before friday 25 aug, so I can send you the tarball and you can do
> the testing this next week.
> So, if you have some hardware that is interesting for portability or
> enjoy testing DNS servers, contact me and get your prerelease NSD3 test
> version friday :-)

Yes, please. 

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