An old NSD daemon, stuck with old data?

Miek Gieben miekg at
Tue Nov 22 13:17:22 UTC 2005

[On 22 Nov, @12:39, Miek Gieben wrote in "Re: An old NSD daemon, stuck w ..."]
> > 1) A NTP => TSIG problem, which is now fixed,
> okay, this greatly simplifies any test environment to be setup :-)
> > 2) The oscillation problem, which is also fixed by a different method
> > (stop ; start). This is the one about which I ask (since the first has
> > probably nothing to do with NSD).
> Ah, okay. So basicly we are looking at some race condition in the
> SIGHUP handling in NSD...
> by (stop; start) you mean: nsdc stop ; nsdc start ?

I can reproduce this by doing the following:

1 setup an NSD instance with a zone
2 run the following script:
        while true; do
                kill -HUP $NSD_PID & kill -HUP $NSD_PID
                echo "KILL $NSD_PID"
                sleep 1
3 wait

So it looks to be happening when NSD is in the NSD_RELOAD state and
then receives /another/ SIG_HUP. (This is also on Linux btw).

grtz Miek
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