ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 2.3.0 released

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Tue May 3 08:01:16 UTC 2005

NSD 2.3.0 is the first NSD release that implements DNSSEC (RFCs 4033, 
4034, and 4035) and enables DNSSEC by default.  To disable DNSSEC, use 
the --disable-dnssec configure option.  Various bugs have also been fixed.

Please see the README document for configuration and installation

You can download NSD from

NSD 2.3.0

         - DNSSEC is now enabled by default. NSD should be fully
           compliant with RFC4033, RFC4034, and RFC4035.

         - nsd: Ensure that the number of -a flags does not exceed the
           maximum specified by MAX_INTERFACES in config.h.
         - nsd-xfer: Use serial number arithmetic (RFC1982) for the
           zone serial check
         - nsdc: Don't pass (fake) serial number to nsd-xfer if the
           zone file does not exist.
         - zonec: Loading many zones would cause namedb_find_zone to
           slow down, performance patch by Kazunori Fujiwara.
         - Bug #96: nsd-xfer did not handle 8-bit domain names

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