TSIG support for NSD?

Erik Rozendaal erik at NLnetLabs.nl
Fri Mar 18 14:23:35 UTC 2005

Romeo Zwart wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> Erik Rozendaal wrote:
>>  Romeo Zwart wrote:
>> > Hi there,
>> >
>> > Anyone here that can comment on the development timelines for NSD?
>> >
>> > I am looking in particular for information about the potential
>> > support for TSIG on the server side. Apparently it is being
>> > supported by the nsd-xfer client already, but I did not find
>> > anything in the TODO files about TSIG support for the server.
>>  Server side TSIG support is being worked on, but it will take a while
>>  before it is ready for release.
> Thanks for this info. Care to quantify 'a while'? :)   For a ballpark 
> figure,
> would you guestimate months, weeks or years until a beta version might
> appear?

Months :)  Also because there are going to be other changes into NSD as 
well, such as a configuration file so you can actually specify which 
TSIG keys to allow.


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