Statistics dumps.

Måns Nilsson mansaxel at
Wed Jul 27 16:47:33 UTC 2005

I'm running NSD 2.2.1 on Solaris; and have some questions about the stats
dumps. I've set nsd to dump at 300 sec intervals, to a file. Reading that
file, I'm doing some tail|grep|ssh to get my customer the stats on query
amount, etc. 

However, through a combination of deficiencies in their collection system
(outside my jurisdiction) and strange deviations in dump intervals, I'm
getting inconsistent data and a very unhappy customer. The dump time is not
at a steady 300 sec cycle, but deviates at strange intervals, and way too
much at times. Given the non-real-time characteristics of Unices, I'm
prepared to accept 10-20 second offsets, but not values ranging from 20% to
1400%. What is going on? 

A graphical representation of the data can be found at: 


I notice two NSD processes running. Are they writing concurrently to the
log? If so; is there any way to differentiate between them? 

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