ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 2.2.0 released

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Tue Jan 18 14:35:49 UTC 2005

NSD now includes an AXFR client (nsd-xfer) as a replacement for bind 8's 
named-xfer, as well as various bug fixes and internal changes.

Thanks to Stephane Bortzmeyer for helping to test this release and 
improve the OpenSSL detection in the configuration script.

Please see the README document for configuration and installation

You can download NSD from

NSD 2.2.0 release notes:

         - nsd-xfer: replacement program for named-xfer to perform zone
           transfers using AXFR. TSIG is supported by nsd-xfer but not
           yet by the nsd server. DNSSEC is also supported.  TSIG
           requires OpenSSL version 0.9.7 or higher, configure using
           --disable-tsig if you do not have OpenSSL installed.
           Configure using --with-ssl=path if OpenSSL is not installed
           at a standard location.

         - New data structure 'buffer_type' for representing binary
           buffers that can be read, written, and resized.  Data in
           these buffers is stored in network byte order.  This data
           structure replaces the iobuf field of 'struct query'.

         - Fixed endian problem in WKS record.
         - Protocol can now be specified numerically in WKS record.
         - Allow escape sequences (\DDD) in TTL, RR class, and RR type.
         - The zone compiler now accepts many more characters in
           unquoted strings such as domain name labels.  The characters
           no longer need to be escaped with a backslash.
         - Close included files after reading.
         - Maximum TCP message size is now 65535 bytes.  AXFR response
           packets are still limited to 16383 bytes for optimal
           compression of dnames.
         - The TSIG key for AXFRs can now also be stored in the file
           <zonename>.tsiginfo.  This makes it possible to use TSIG
           with multiple master servers.
         - Signals are no longer blocked while performing I/O so the
           server should respond quicker to signals.
         - Fixed parsing of LOC rdata.  Fractions and altitude were not
           handled correctly.

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