unusual characters in zonefile

Robert Martin-Legene robert at dk-hostmaster.dk
Thu Jan 6 10:32:58 UTC 2005

Hi all.

I have a zone which I would like to spool some nasty "non-standard"
octets into.

Nsd accepts this if I put quotes around it like this:

"gårbåge.t8.dk." TXT "testing"

All is fine. "Unfortunately" my master is BIND and BIND does not like it
when I put quotes around my 8-bit data. Without quotes all is fine
though. That is probably also why even named-xfer writes the zonefile
without quotes. (That I actually transfer my zone with rsync is another

My actual problem is that I don't want to have to put a script around
it, to rewrite the zone before I reload it.

I tried to look at zlexer.lex and fix it there, but I must admit, that I
couldn't solve it in the expected 30 minutes, so I thought to learn lex
or to mail this list might be the next step. As I have no real desire to
spend hours learning lex, and I'm not sure the problem is only there, I
was hoping for some advice here as to how to make nsd swallow my input
without the quotes. Ideas?

Robert Martin-Legène
IT security manager
DK Hostmaster A/S

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