IXFR and nsd

Robert Martin-Legene robert at dk-hostmaster.dk
Wed Feb 16 09:04:01 UTC 2005

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 09:42:53AM +0100, Miek Gieben wrote:
>IMO if the actual zone transfers get too large, why not use something
>better suited like rsync?

rsync assumes you have a single zonefile in text format available, if
nsd has to parse it.

What is recently happening is that the TLDs are starting to not spool
the entire zone, but only send dynamic updates to the master from their
authoritative source.

I think it is becoming increasingly critical for larger TLDs to have
IXFR, now that they are getting used to it, and subsequently their

Robert Martin-Legène
IT security manager
DK Hostmaster A/S

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