minor bug in nsd-xfer

Peter Larsen mail at czar.dk
Thu Feb 3 12:51:19 UTC 2005


I'm testing nsd for use with around 55000 zones (primary named servers).

i was making the big initial amout of zonetransfers, when my axfr master 

now i have a nsd-xfer hanging around.. and nsdc update will never stop..

lappy# ps auxwww | grep nsd
djam  45775 82.9  0.1  2468 1420  p7  R+    1:07PM  
27:38.97 /usr/local/sbin/nsd-xfer -z daxxx.dk -f /etc/nsd/gdns/daxxx.dk.axfr 
-s 0 194.192.xx.xxx
x's to protect the innocent's ;)

it's like nsd-xfer is not able to detect the broken transfer and exit? it just 
hangs around..

FreeBSD: 5.3
NSD 2.2.0 (not from ports)

regards, Peter 

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