Incremental Updates

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Mon Aug 29 08:15:18 UTC 2005

Peter A. Friend wrote:
> This is an interesting approach. We are trying to avoid the IO  
> overhead in loading such a large number of files. Another test was  
> done where we copied the zone files to a tmpfs backed by ram. The  
> combination of copy from disk to tmpfs and parsing from there was  
> substantially cheaper than a parse from disk. I don't have detailed  
> numbers yet. I am using the latest version.

That's rather strange.  Zonec only performance a single fopen/fclose per 
zone file. Copy should do something similar.

How are the zone files organized?  Subdivided into many directories?  In 
that case it might be worth it to make sure the .zones file is organized 
so that all zones from a single directory are parsed first before moving 
on to the zones from the next directory.  Basically sort the .zones file 
on the dirname/filename field for each zone.


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