Performance of zonec with dnssec data. (NSD 2.3.0)

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Mon Aug 29 08:08:43 UTC 2005

Måns Nilsson wrote:
> Yes, but I might need some concrete instructions on procedure to get the
> data. 

Assuming you're using GCC and have gprof available, configure with 
CFLAGS='-O2 -g -pg', make clean and recompile.

Then run zonec. A gmon.out or zonec.gmon file should be generated. Use 
'gprof zonec gmon.out' or 'gprof zonec zonec.gmon'.

It would be useful if you could do this both on PPC and SPARC, that way 
we may be able to see if any part of the coding is performing much worse 
on SPARC than on PPC.

Also, what is the performance difference without DNSSEC? A factor of 
~11.5 as well?


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