Performance of zonec with dnssec data. (NSD 2.3.0)

Måns Nilsson mansaxel at
Sat Aug 27 16:45:28 UTC 2005


I have NSD installations on a number of systems with different hardware
architectures. On some, like OS X on PPC, the performance of zonec is
excellent. But, on my UltraSparc II production systems zonec is really

Machine	PBG4 12"		Netra T1 DC200

CPU	PPC 1.25Ghz		US II 500MHz
OS	X 10.3.9		Sol 8 64-bit

Time	1min 57sec		23 min. 

At no time did the machines swap and they were fairly unloaded, the mac
less so if anything. There is one thing that could differ additionally; the
Suns run Solaris in 64-bit mode and the NSD installation is a 64-bit one;
due to OpenSSL being 64bit. 

I think there is something strange going on here; we should not see a
12-fold loss in performance from going to the Sun. Any thoughts? 

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