Incremental Updates

Timothy Der derti at
Fri Aug 26 17:13:11 UTC 2005

Erik Rozendaal wrote:

> Timothy Der wrote:
>> I read the old thread regarding a dynamic update backend, but I am 
>> interested in being able to do incremental updates 
>> (appending/inserting new data into the exsisting DB), so our numerous 
>> zone files dont all have to be reparsed again.  Is it feasable with 
>> the current setup? or will significant kludging be in order to 
>> facilitate this? I would prefer to just go with a dns server with a 
>> DB backend but others are naturally resistant, and like their zone 
>> files but not the slow speed they bring with them (generally speaking).
>> Any hints would be appreciated.
> How much time does zonec currently spend parsing and compiling the 
> database?  A quick test run shows that parsing and compiling the 
> database is about 2.5 times slower than loading the database. So that 
> will be about the maximum amount that can be gained with some kind of 
> incremental updates.
> Erik

Thanks for the quick reply,  It takes just over an hour to rebuild the 
db.  So you figure that the shortest possible compile time (with 
incremental updates) would be at least 2.5 times the load time?  Thanks 
for your help


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