Feature Request: $GENERATE statement

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Fri Apr 8 23:41:55 UTC 2005


since the BugZilla seems to be down currently (I get a "DBD::mysql::db
selectrow_array failed: called with 4 bind variables when 3 are needed"
when adding a new bug or searching for one while being logged in,
forwarded to webmaster@) I'll post it to the ML and open discussion :-)

Almost the last feature I would need to replace some more of my BINDs
with NSD is the support of BINDs $GENERATE statement. IMHO it should be
pretty straight forward to implement something like that, since the
syntax is pretty easy (but I'm no programmer, so don't count on me).

It is described on page 97 of the (today) current BIND9 ARM at


to my guess >99% of current $GENERATE occurences are done without the
modifiers on the lhs/rhs, so this feature could be omitted.

For those who don't know them, $GENERATE statements can be used to do
something like

$GENERATE 0-255 $ IN NS ns1.sld.tld.

being expanded to

0   IN NS ns1.sld.tld
255 IN NS ns1.sld.tld

Any thoughts?


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