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Philip Gaskell pdgaskell at
Wed Jun 30 07:11:46 UTC 2004


I've compiled and installed nsd and configured nsd without any problems as far as I can see, my problem is that when i try to build the zone files I get loads of error message about unrecognised characters and the result is that the zone information isn't compiled. I have looked at sample zone files from the internet and can't find anything wrong with mine. I've just migrated from windows and am now using redhat 9. I am impressed with NSD so far, it seems so simple to use and only does exactly what I need of a DNS server. Below is my zone file, the IP's have been altered, could you please point in the right direction. I am new to linux so please be gentle :-)

; DNS master file for
@               7200    IN   SOA   ns1 (
                                                7200 )
@               7200    IN    A
@               7200    IN    MX    10
@               7200    IN    NS    ns1
@               7200    IN    NS    ns2
ns1             7200    IN    A
ns2             7200    IN    A
www             7200    IN    A

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