TSIG, multiple masters?

Måns Nilsson KTHNOC mansaxel at sunet.se
Thu Feb 19 16:06:07 UTC 2004


I have a config file problem, if not a nsdc bug... 

How am I supposed to handle multiple masters with TSIG ACL on 
AXFR? Right now, I have this setup: 

zone    se    slave/se      masters 192.36.XXX.XXX 194.17.XXX.XXX

.. and the corresponding files 192.36.XXX.XXX.tsiginfo and 
194.17.XXX.XXX.tsiginfo in my keys dir. 

If I insert the following debug code into nsdc, I see no trace 
of the files being used: 

  # take care of tsig info file if any
  unset tsiginfoarg
  if [ -f "${keysdir}/${masters}.tsiginfo" ]
     ln "${keysdir}/${masters}.tsiginfo" "${keysdir}/${masters}.tsiginfo.$$"
     tsiginfoarg="-T ${keysdir}/${masters}.tsiginfo.$$"
     printf "using ${keysdir}/${masters}.tsiginfo for master ${masters} and
zone ${zone}\n"
$namedxfer -z $zone -f ${zonesdir}/$file ${tsiginfoarg} -s $serial $masters

Is this a bug, and if so, what is the workaround? If I 
have simply missed documentation, I'd be more to be told to RTFM.. 

Måns Nilsson            Systems Specialist
+46 70 681 7204         KTHNOC
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