Secondary Server

Miek Gieben miekg at
Thu Feb 5 14:21:00 UTC 2004

[On 05 Feb, @15:09, David wrote in "RE: Secondary Server ..."]
> ::every hour. I works perfect,
> ::
> ::grtz Miek
> ::
> My mistake, I should have included that information with my first
> message.
> I have a box running Slackware 9.1.  NSD is set up as a secondary server

ah :-) I use Debian, and also had some problems with bind8. Do bind8 and
bind9 bite each other on Slackware? Otherwise the quickest solution would
be to just install the bin package of bind8 from Slackware and tell nsd
to use the named-xfer from that. 

> root at spongebob:/src/bin/named-xfer# make
> cc -I../../port/freebsd/include -I../../include -g -Wall  -c

what if you give 'make' in the top level dir of bind8, ie. you want
to compile the whole package? Does that work? On Debian it does...

I use Linux, sue me.

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