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Paul G paul at
Fri Aug 27 04:06:25 UTC 2004


i'm considering writing a backend abstraction layer and a sql (mysql or sql-lite) backend implementation. this is something i personally would like to see implemented given what i'd like to use nsd for. in that vein, i have a few (stupid?) questions:

1. does anyone have any input/tips/pointers on getting this done?
2. this region business is confusing - what are they exactly? pointers so i can rtfm/rtfs are welcome.
3. what would make the most sense in terms of abstracting the logic out of the current parser?
4. does this stand a chance of being accepted (after appropriate testing and ifdef'ed of course)?

i'm going to do a bit more source reading and will, provided i don't get flamed to heck and back for even thinking of implementing such heresy, post a summary of how i plan to implement it so folk with more clue can point out any (inevitable) problems.

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