IPv4 in IPv6 in AAAA records

Phil Howard phil-nsd-users at ipal.net
Mon Aug 23 06:31:01 UTC 2004

I'm not sure where this syntax originates (maybe an RFC, I haven't looked).
But BIND and earlier NSD accepted an IPv6 format where the low order 32 bits
could be written in dotted decimal, at least if the high order 96 bits had
the value (in IPv6 form) ::FFFF.  So I could write an AAAA record like:

ham.org.        12H IN  AAAA    ::FFFF:

which would actually be the same as:

ham.org.        12H IN  AAAA    ::FFFF:D166:C049

It's just a slight convenience to have this.  I was just wondering if this
is supposed to be in there or not.  When I upgraded to 2.1.2 from a pre-2
version, those records like the first one above became syntax errors, while
those like the second one worked OK.

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