syntax error in MX record

Miek Gieben miekg at
Wed Aug 18 09:00:21 UTC 2004

[On 18 Aug, @10:49, Phil wrote in "Re: syntax error in MX record ..."]
> | here is a patch against 2.1.2. This should add the usage of @ in the
> | rdata of any type. I only tested it MX and NS,
> It worked in my test for MX.  Thanks.  This makes it easy for a single
> common zone file to be used for many zones, without having to add an
> extra name for the MX host.

nice to hear. I will commit the patch.

> $TTL 12h
> @ 12h IN SOA @ hostmaster 272965334 3h 30m 10d 12h
> @ 12h IN NS @
> @ 12h IN A
> @ 12h IN MX 0 @
> www 12h IN A
> It also worked in PTR (which I expected from reading the patch).  Useless
> there, but at least it's universal.
> @ 12h IN PTR @

the @ is handled in the lexer, which doesn't know anything about RR
types. And of course NSD works under the principle of garbage in,
garbage out :-)

grtz Miek

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