multiple instances of NSD

Phil Howard phil-nsd-users at
Mon Aug 9 19:23:47 UTC 2004

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 10:31:52AM +0200, Erik Rozendaal wrote:

| Phil Howard wrote:
| >I'm trying to set up a machine which will be running multiple instances
| >of NSD to serve different sets of zones from different interfaces.  What
| >I'm running into is that I can't specify different PID files to refer to
| >on the command line.
| >
| >Are there any shortcuts or do I need to go write a patch?
| The pidfile should be an option, but currently isn't.  A patch would be 
| welcome.  The nsdc script should also be patched.  You can also write a 
| bug report and we'll work on a patch.
| >Any other implications of multiple instances?
| Not that I'm aware of.

... besides the need to ensure each instance specifies distinct interface
addresses or ports (but this should be obvious).

If I write such a patch, do you have a letter suggestion for it?  '-P' ?

I was also thinking of recompiling and using a relative path at configure
time, and put each instance in a separate jail.  But I'd prefer to use the
default compilation in the long term.  Changing the default to a relative
path would probably cause problems for other deployments, but adding the
option would seem to be fine.

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