mmap vs alloc

Miek Gieben miekg at
Thu Sep 25 11:32:27 UTC 2003

[On 25 Sep, @13:15, Arnt wrote in "Re: mmap vs alloc ..."]
> >My suggestions is, that a proper thing to do is to document that nsd 
> >has specific memory requirements (lots) and how the various system 
> >might deal with it or not.
> How many linux 2.4.x kernels have contained sweeping VM changes so far? 
> The one mentioned this week was a prepatch, even. I don't think 
> "document how various systems might deal with it" is a good policy when 
> the _stable_ linux kernels change like that.

to stray entirely offtopic.

linux 2.4.10 contained a new VM, this AA VM (named after the developer Andrea
Arcangeli) was said to be much better than the stuff built by Rik van Riel.
This was the one big change of VM's in Linux 2.4. Since 2.4 came out people
moaned about the OOM killer (which kind of sucked, because most of the time
it would kill the wrong process). So now finally this OOM killer has been
removed and linux 2.4.24 will finally ship with a sane VM.

In 2.5/2.6 things are better organized with the Reverse Mapping VM from (again)
Rik van Riel,

grtz Miek

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