ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 1.4.0 alpha 1

Alexis Yushin alexis at
Fri Nov 7 11:34:10 UTC 2003

Once Ted Lindgreen wrote:
>[Quoting Alexis Yushin, on Nov  7, 11:31, in "Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: NS ..."]
>> I'm even thinking about implementing DNSSEC for 1.2.2 myself, but lacking
>> cooperatiion from the nlnetlabs and test platform I guess it is not very
>> realistic plan.
>NLnet Labs has been, and still is, very much in favor of cooperation
>with you and any other person who wants to contributes ideas and/or
>code to NSD.  You also you still have full access to our TestLab.

What I said is that I think the labs made a wrong design choice and
when I wanted to discuss it back in the summer there did not come much
of a discussion. I dont want to start a ``flame'' but like I said I
dont like the way its going with NSD.

But if what you said about is true then I guess I'd either try to find
time to implement DNSSEC my way or shut up. Which means code split but
then so be it.

Either way I'm not going to write anything negative to the nsd-users list


>So I don't understand what you said above,
>-- ted

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