ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 1.4.0 alpha 1

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Thu Nov 6 12:36:56 UTC 2003

This release is an alpha release.  We are currently not planning to have a 
1.4.0 stable release as we want to prioritize implementing DNSSEC first. 
The next stable release will then be NSD 2.0.0 with DNSSEC support.

This release has some major changes: the database format is much more 
compact, responses are generated on-the-fly instead of being precompiled in 
the database, and the new FLEX/YACC based compiler is now the only 
supported compiler (and simply called zonec).

Please read the README document for configuration and installation

You can download NSD from

         - New database format that is much more compact and portable
           across architectures.
         - The new zone compiler is now the default and the old zone
           compiler has been removed.
         - Name compression is done dynamically, removing one other
           difference with BIND in the responses generated (the full
           query name is now used for compression).
         - CNAME target records are now generated from wildcard
           records if necessary.

         - mmap(2) isn't currently supported.
         - Not all RR types are supported by zonec (such as LOC).

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