ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 1.2.1 released

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Thu Jul 17 08:50:12 UTC 2003

This release is a bug fix release.

Please read the README document for configuration and installation

You can download NSD from

NSD 1.2.1 release notes:

         - AXFR terminates early if a zone containa a CNAME pointing
           the the zone's domain name (SOA record) (bug #56).
         - During an AXFR memory above the top of the stack was
           accessed.  This could lead to occassional AXFR errors (bad
         - NSD now prints its version number and exits when invoked
           with the -v flag (bug #57).
         - NSD prints help information and exits when invoked with the
           -h flag.

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