NSD ACL Plugin

Colm MacCarthaigh colm.maccarthaigh at heanet.ie
Thu Jul 10 12:25:13 UTC 2003

After having enough time to put some finishing touches to an ACL plugin
for NSD I know have something suitable for looking at. It isnt entirely
functionaly just yet, but it does compile, load and work to certain

After untarring the source, it needs to be configured as follows:

  ./configure --with-nsd-source=[path] --with-nsd-modules=[path]

each being the path to an unpacked NSD-1.2.0 source tree, and
the location you want the module installed to, respectively.

There are two main parts to the plugin. aclc and nsd_acl_plugin.so

Aclc, aclc is the Access Control List Compiler, it's documented
in it's manpage, aclc.8. But basically it takes a plaintext
access control list, and compiles it into something suitable for
the plugin to load later on.

nsd_acl_plugin.so is a standard NSD 1.2 plugin. It takes one argument,
which is the location of the compiled acl database.

 aclc sometextfile nsd.acldb

 nsd [option] -Xnsd_acl_plugin.so=nsd.acldb

for example. The current implementation has two main limitations,
I'm hoping someone may be able to help me rectify these. The plugin
currently only honours "all" type ACLs, ie you can't block just
"NS", "MX" .. or whatever queries. This is because I can't find
an easy way to determine query_type from with the plugin. Is there
an easy way ?

Rules are currently not honoured for subzones. So, if you have
a rule that says:

	deny all for example.com from 

"host -t any example.com" will be refused by the plugin, but 
"host -t any www.example.com" will not. 

Fixing this is a matter of finding out how to get a list of all the records 
in a particular zone and registering data for each. Since the AXFR code
must have method of finding out all this data, I'm assuming this will
be relatively doable. I just havnt figured out how yet. Though the
plugin has been written with this approach in mind. (see the top of
nsd_acl_plugin.c). I'd appreciate any insights anyone has to offer in
this regard.

I havnt tested this plugin extensively, and it may not even compile
on systems that arnt either my laptop or the servers I use for testing.

But it's a start :) I hope to get up to useful-grade within a reasonable
period of time.

Colm MacCárthaigh  /  HEAnet, Teach Brooklawn,  / Innealtóir Ghréasáin
+353 1 6609040    / Bóthar Shelbourne, BÁC, IE /   http://www.hea.net/

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