nsd running as slave

Ted Lindgreen ted at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Jul 10 08:49:46 UTC 2003

[Quoting Alexis Yushin, on Jul  9, 17:22, in "Re: nsd running as s ..."]
> Once Ted Lindgreen wrote:
> ...
> >There were good reasons to do it like this (keep the daemon light weight".
> >
> >However, people are looking into a plugin, reacting properly
> >on incoming notifies. Plugings are supported as of version 1.2.
> Which would only be useful if NSD database is split into zones, as
> opposed to one flat namespace we have now.

Perhaps I mis something, but what I thought that people want is,
just to run "nsdc update" when a notify arrives (in contrast to
"when crontab thinks it's time"). The "nsdc update" will then do
the right thing (rebuild the database and signal nsd when necessary
or do nothing).

A trivial plugin can do some sanity check on arrival of a notify
and then fork and exec "nsdc update".
The sanity check is wise to prevent vulnaribility for DoSsing
by a notify flood. I guess a simple timer (ignore new notifies
for xx seconds/minutes after having forked+execed) would suffice.

-- ted

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