nsd running as slave

Ted Lindgreen ted at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Jul 9 14:23:51 UTC 2003

[Quoting Sebastian Castro, on Jul  9, 16:12, in "nsd running as slave ..."]

> sending notifies to my testing server. nsd seems to ignore notifies and

That's correct.

> avoid periodical retries as specified in REFRESH soa param.

That's also correct.
> The server is able to transfer the zone and compile it with zonec free
> of problems. If I run 'nsdc update' everything goes ok.

NSD expect you to put 'nsdc update' in crontab.

Please look in the README under
  3.3 Keeping in sync the secondary zones with ``nsdc update'

There were good reasons to do it like this (keep the daemon light weight".

However, people are looking into a plugin, reacting properly
on incoming notifies. Plugings are supported as of version 1.2.

-- ted

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