ANNOUNCEMENT: NSD 1.2.0 released

Erik Rozendaal erik at
Wed Jul 9 13:38:07 UTC 2003

This release implements various new features and bug fixes.

NSD 1.2.0 has been regression tested against Bind 8.3.4.  See the 
DIFFERENCES document for more information.

Due to the number of changes between this release and previous releases you 
should test this release thoroughly before upgrading your production 

Please read the README document for configuration and installation 

You can download NSD from

NSD 1.2.0 release notes:

         - NSD is now a single parent process (handling child
           termination and database reloads) plus multiple UDP and TCP
           child processes handling queries.  Before the parent process
           also handled UDP queries.  This change simplifies the parent
           and child processes and allows the use of multiple
           concurrent UDP servers.
         - Experimental plugin support.  This required a minor,
           incompatible change to the database format.  Make sure you
           recompile your database.  Use --enable-plugins to enable.
         - Full IPv6 support (for multi-homing and for Linux, thanks to
           Colm MacCarthaigh and Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino).  Use
           --enable-ipv6 to enable.
         - Support for multi-homing with TCP connections.
         - Support for SunOS 4.x has been dropped.

         - NSD should now conform to the Single Unix Specification
         - Const correctness for strings and some other data types.
         - Removed code for Berkeley DB, hash tables, and mmap(2).
         - Separate preprocessor flags from code flags (CPPFLAGS and
         - Use uint8_t instead of u_char, uint{16,32}_t instead of
         - Fixed warnings from mixing signed and unsigned types.
         - Use sigaction(2) instead of signal(2).
         - The query_process function has been split up for clarity.

         - CHAOS TXT queries failed on big-endian machines.
         - Portability fixes for Tru64 (thanks to Stephane Bortzmeyer),
           HP-UX, and MacOS X (thanks to Ronald van der Pol).
         - Removed compile time limit on maximum number of TCP child
         - Support for debugging UDP and TCP queries.
         - Always ensure there is enough room for the EDNS record when
           answering a query with EDNS enabled.

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